In 1992, he got his first part in a film called Les Pierres Bleues du Désert. Jamel Debbouze se narodil 18. června 1975 v 10. pařížském obvodu do marocké rodiny. 3:18. In 2006, Debbouze played one of the most important parts of his career in the film Indigènes (Days of Glory in the United States). Best known for his stand-up comedy sketches, he also worked with director Alain Chabat in several films and other notable French humourists such as Florence Foresti, Fred Testot and Gad Elmaleh. Debbouze, Samy Naceri, Sami Bouajila and Roschdy Zem shared the prize for the best male performance at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival.[8]. Debbouze er den ældste af fem brødre. With this troupe, he took part in the French Championship of Improvisation in 1991 and toured Quebec and Morocco. He acted in the movies Zonzon (1998), international box-office hit Amélie (2001), domestic hit Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002), and Angel-A (2005, directed by Luc Besson). De vendte tilbage i 1979 og bosatte sig i Trappes 1983, hvor Jamel, den ældste af brødrene, Mohammed, Hayat, Karim Rashid og Nawel Debbouze tilbragte resten af sin barndom. Jack Tribeca / Bestimage . Již roku 1979 se ale vrátili zpět a usadili se v obci Trappes nedaleko Paříže, kde Debbouze strávil zbytek svého dětství. For three years this show played in the top Parisian theaters: the Casino de Paris, the Bataclan, Le Zénith, and the Olympia. In 1995, he was spotted by the bosses of Radio Nova, Jacques Massadian and Jean-François Bizot, who made him famous (Massadian would become his manager). On 29 March 2008, Debbouze became engaged to French journalist and news anchor Mélissa Theuriau; the two married on 7 May 2008[5] and subsequently had two children. In 1990, Debbouze met Alain Degois, an educator who organized theater improvisation workshops, and joined his troupe. For this movie, he got the prize for best male actor at the 59th edition of the Cannes Film Festival with Samy Naceri, Roschdy Zem, Sami Bouajila and Bernard Blancan. He has been married to Mélissa Theuriau since May 7, 2008. For New Year's Eve in 2000, Debbouze created a TV show for this occasion called the Jamel show. In 2002, Debbouze returned with a new show, 100% Debbouze. On the Trail of the Marsupilami. After this film, Debbouze wanted to work as an actor and create his own show. Jamel Debbouze (French pronunciation: ​[dʒamɛl dəbuz], Arabic: جمال دبوز‎, romanized: Jamāl Dabūz; born 18 June 1975 in Paris) is a French-Moroccan actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer and director. Jamel Debbouze et Mélissa Theuriau s'étaient dit «oui» lors d'une cérémonie organisée dans un somptueux domaine situé dans les Yvelines, un an et demi après leur rencontre. Closer. 1:37. In 2006, he acted in the historical movie Days of Glory (which he co-produced), paying tribute to the North-African soldiers who fought for France during the Second World War. Here are the buzz-worthy titles you're going to want to mark on your calendar. He went on tour throughout France in 2000. This comedy was successful, with more than one million tickets sold. He debuted on Radio Nova, with a film review show, Le Cinéma de Jamel and on television around 1996-1997 on cable channel Paris Première, in a TV show co-produced by Radio Nova and the channel. The film tells the story of a young boy who is persecuted because he believes in the existence of blue stones in the desert. At the end of the year, he returned to Paris with his show at the Olympia for three weeks. Je nejstarší ze šesti dětí a má sourozence Mohameda, Hayatu, Karima, Rachida a Nawelu. For proof, photographs shared by Mélissa Theuriau is this Friday, February 14, in the story of his account Instagram. He was born in Trappes, Yvelines, Ile-de France, France on 18 June 1975. Three years later he received his first big role in a feature film called Le Ciel les oiseaux et ta ... mère! He also won the prize for best actor in his movie, Indigènes, at Cannes in 2006. He was the chairman of the 2013 César Awards. Agnès Jaoui, Mélissa Theuria, Jamel Debbouze... present to pay tribute to him. These 2021 Sundance Film Festival headliners became household names thanks to some unforgettable roles early in their careers. Over the next two years he continued his stage shows, before returning to film with the highly successful Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain. On 29 March 2008, Debbouze became engaged to French journalist and news anchor Mélissa Theuriau; the two married on 7 … He lost the use of his right arm in the accident, which killed another young man, Jean-Paul Admette, the son of the singer Michel Admette from Reunion. He is known for Amélie (2001), Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002), HOUBA! How are they compatible? 26 févr. In 1998, Debbouze played Jamel Dridi, an operator, in the hospital sitcom, H on Canal+, alongside fellow comedians Eric and Ramzy. In 2006, Debbouze became the presenter of a new program, Jamel Comedy Club, which featured a half-hour of the new generation of French humorists each week. Jamel Debbouze there took up his famous role of Numérobis, with whom he had made a sensation in Asterix and Obelix : mission Cleopatra. A cette occasion, Jamel Debbouze s'est exprimé sur sa page Instagram pour lui adresser un adorable mot d'amour. These days he works at promoting promising comedians. He then toured France, Morocco, Tunisia, Switzerland, and Belgium. In March 1999, Debbouze started his new show Jamel en Scène. Melissa Theuriau et Jamel Debbouze, nous ont fait l'honneur de venir... nous voir, comme amis et clients, et nous nous sommes rappelés une anecdote du temps ou étudiante (avec nos fils) Melissa venait nous aider parfois.... Un jour, elle vends une robe de HERVE LEGER à une cliente ; qui revient le lendemain pour un retouche à faire sur cette belle pièce ! Jamel Debbouze Tickets Jamel Debbouze Tickets. He is the eldest of six siblings: Jamel, Mohamed, Hayat, Karim, Rachid and Nawel Debbouze. He is married to Melissa Theuriau, a news broadcast anchor. Jamel Debbouze is an actor, director and film worker. By the time the series ended in 2002, Debbouze had achieved national fame. This bio has been generated automatically by our friendly Filmanic bot. Jamel Debbouze et Mélissa Theuriau sont toujours aussi fous l’un de l’autre. Melissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze attend the 'Outside the Law' Premiere at the Palais des Festivals during the 63rd Annual International Cannes Film Festival on May 21, 2010 in Cannes, France. His show, Jamel improvise, debuted in January 2011,[7] before playing every evening's Tout sur Jamel from 1 to 20 January at the Casino de Paris. Melissa Theuriau et Jamel Debbouze se marient. Jamel Debbouze : retour sur son histoire d'amour avec Mélissa Theuriau. L’épouse du Marocain Jamel Debouzze a eu 42 ans le samedi 18 juillet. Mardi 7 mai 2019, le couple fêtait ses onze ans de mariage. Mélissa Theuriau et Jamel Debbouze à l'avant-première du film «Une belle équipe» à Paris le 3 décembre 2019. Jamel Debbouze et Melissa Theuriau tout sourire au Stade de France pour soutenir les Bleus. Jamel Debbouze, Actor: Astérix & Obélix: Mission Cléopâtre. Regarder Mélissa Theuriau se confie sur l\'hygiène de vie de Jamel Debbouze et avoue ses craintes pour l\'avenir sur Zapping Jamel Debbouze et son épouse ont aussi choisi le Maroc pour y passer le réveillon du nouvel an. He has been married to Mélissa Theuriau since May 7, 2008. In 2009, Debbouze collaborated with the rap band 113 and Awa Imani for the project Maghreb United of Rim'K'.[6]. The DVD of the show went on sale in 2004, and sold more than 1 million copies. And had a mission to follow the filming of Asterix at the Olympic Games for his show forbidden Zone. He starred in the movie Amelie, among other movies. The thunderbolt was immediate. 11 Plein Ecran. It was the first of numerous film roles for Debbouze. His family, from Taza, moved back to Morocco the following year. With this troupe, Debbouze went to the Casino de Paris in 2007 for a new show, Le Jamel Comedy Club Envahit le Casino de Paris. Jamel Debbouze et son épouse ont aussi choisi le Maroc pour y passer le réveillon du nouvel an. He is an actor and producer, known for Amélie (2001), H (1998) and Days of Glory (2006). In 2002, Debbouze appeared in another big French film, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra directed by Alain Chabat. Han blev født i Paris i Frankrig, men hans familie flyttede til Marokko det følgende år. A shot that highlights the complicity that binds his mother Fatima and his wife Melissa Theuriau. It all started when the guy from Trappes met the young Grenobloise snowboard enthusiast on the slopes in January 2007, at the Alpe-d'Huez Festival. Jamel Debbouze Wiki Biography Jamel Debbouze was born on June 18, 1975 in Paris, France. Le tout premier sketch de Jamel Debbouze sur la télé, où il joue le role d'un professeur de mathématiques Numerous French comedians such as Bruno Solo, Alain Chabat, Élie Semoun, and Dieudonné appeared in this show. Jamel Debbouze is an uproarious comedian who first gained notoriety when the bosses at Radio Nova in France saw him performing and gave him a radio show Le Cinema de Jamel, a film review show which became so popular it eventually was developed as a television show. Chouchous des Français, Jamel Debbouze et Mélissa Theuriau font toujours plaisir à voir. Biografi. In 1992, the seventeen-year-old Debbouze appeared in his first film, Les Pierres Bleues du Désert. In 1996, he played a small part in Les Deux papas et la maman, a film by Jean-Marc Doval with Smaïn and Arielle Dombasle. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images Jamel Debbouze (French pronunciation: [dʒamɛl dəbuz], Arabic: جمال دبوز ‎, romanized: Jamāl Dabūz; born 18 June 1975 in Paris) is a French-Moroccan actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer and director. Quand Melissa Theuriau produit un documentaire sur le combat de quelques-uns pour imposer l'improvisation théâtre à l'école;… Melissa Theuriau et Jamel Debbouze (Itw) on Vimeo Join Jamel Debbouze-Le sketch du Vous êtes ici: La Une People Jamel et Mélissa vont se marier. In this show, Debbouze talked about his beginnings, his childhood and show business. This happened in 1995 with the show C'est Tout Neuf which had been enjoyed a lot. Saturday 18 July 2020, Mélissa Theuriau is celebrating its 42 years, a particular day which resulted in a good run of romanticism on the part of her husband, Jamel Debbouze . They have two children. He is an actor and producer, known for, Sony Pictures Intl. Need some streaming picks for the month? The couple got engaged on 29 March 2008 and married on 7 May 2008. Následující rok se jeho rodiče rozhodli do Maroka vrátit a opustili tak Francii. 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And the least we can say is that the pretty family broke out like crazy. Translated PHOTOS - Les funérailles de Jean-Pierre Bacri ont été célébrées mardi 26 janvier 2021, au cimetière du Père-Lachaise à Paris. He has starred in a number of box-office successes, including Amélie, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra, Hollywoo and HOUBA! On 1 December 2010, Debbouze's new DVD named Made in Jamel featuring the likes of Gad Elmaleh, Florence Foresti, Élie Semoun, Stromae, Didier Bourdon, Youness Ait Benouissaden, Noureddine Oussayah and Sophie Mounicot was released. He took Le Cinéma de Jamel to television on Canal+ in 1998. He was noticed on this show by some producers from Canal+ who hired him to present a show called Le cinéma de Jamel. They returned in 1979 and settled in Trappes in 1983, in the Paris region, where Debbouze spent the rest of his childhood. Melissa was born July 18th, 1978. (Boys on the Beach). On the Trail of the Marsupilami (2012), Pourquoi j'ai pas mangé mon père (2015) and Angel-A (2005).. He was nominated for his part in this film for the César Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2002. They have been married for 12.5 years. Usually discreet when it comes to her family life, Jamel Debbouze has made an exception in this June 7, 2020, the day of Mother’s day. This show was very successful, its run was extended and it also played in Canada. The film told the story of four North African soldiers who participate in the liberation of France during World War II. Depuis les attentats de Paris, Jamel Debbouze, ne s’était pas encore exprimé à la télévision. Closer. They have two children. Melissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze’s Married life. Melissa Theuriau has been married to Jamel Debbouze since May 7, 2008. Then he had an approximative[clarification needed] role on the radio program Radio Nova and took part in the television program Nova Premiere where he was noticed by Canal+. He is an actor and producer, known for Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra (2002), Angel-A (2005) and Amélie (2001). Jamel Debbouze was born on June 18, 1975 in Paris, France. He is the founder of the Canal+ television show Jamel Comedy Club. [1], Debbouze was born in Paris, France. Melissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze are doing great together. Interview vidéo: Jamel Debbouze, ambassadeur du rire pour M6 Vidéo: Catherine 20 Jan 2012-25 sec-Uploaded by TOTOFF2119JAMEL DEBBOUZE LA RENCONTRE DES FAMILLES.  And since then, they have more left. This successful film was seen by 14,000,000 spectators. In 1996, he took part for the first time in a TV show called Nova première on Paris Première. Samedi 18 juillet 2020, Mélissa Theuriau célébrait ses 42 ans. This is Jamel Debbouze and Mélissa Theuriau. In December 2004, he was going to perform on stage on the French island of Réunion, but Debbouze cancelled, claiming illness, as Michel Admette's parents had organized a demonstration against his arrival.[3]. In April 2008, Debbouze opened a comedy club, called Le Comedy Club, in Paris aimed at launching newcomers on the stand-up scene. Jamel Debbouze was born on June 18th, 1975. Dans une vidéo publiée par Mélissa Theuriau en story sur Instagram, on peut y voir l’humoriste réaliser un test salivaire pour détecter la présence ou non de Covid-19 dans son organisme. In April 2003, he took part in 6 commercials for Orangina. 2016 - Découvrez le tableau "jamel debbouze et melissa Theuriau" de Nathalie Lebail sur Pinterest. PHOTOS. Jamel melissa. Jamel Debbouze (French pronunciation: [dʒamɛl dəbuz], Arabic: جمال دبوز ‎, romanized: Jamāl Dabūz; born 18 June 1975 in Paris) is a French-Moroccan actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer and director. The show played at La Cigale and then at the Bataclan in Paris. In April 2008, Debbouze opened a comedy club, called Le Comedy Club, in Paris aimed at launching newcomers on the stand-up scene.[4]. Mélissa Theuriau was then on to the M6. The humorist, in fact, seized of his account Instagram to share a personal photo with his many subscribers. Debbouze was sued by the victim's family for manslaughter but the case was dismissed for lack of proof. On the same channel, he contributed to another show, H, along with Éric Judor and Ramzy Bedia. [2], On 17 January 1990, at the train station in Trappes, he was struck by a passing train travelling at 150 km/h. The comedian and the journalist took their two children to Alpe d’huez. Melissa Theuriau and Jamel Debbouze attend the "Une Belle Equipe" premiere at Cinema Elysees Biarritz on December 03, 2019 in Paris, France. Le Comedy Club, au 42 boulevard Bonne Nouvelle à Paris, dispose d'une salle implantée dans un ancien cinéma parisien qui peut accueillir jusqu’à 120 spectateurs: Jamel Debbouze chante pour Maghreb United,, Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor winners, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from August 2009, Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text, Wikipedia articles with CANTIC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SNAC-ID identifiers, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Actor, comedian, screenwriter, film producer and director, An actor who refuses to shoot with Lawrence / Voice of the modelling-clay dog, Edward (voice; also director and screenwriter), This page was last edited on 11 January 2021, at 01:46. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème theuriau, jamel, chaussure semelle compensée. The comedian and actor of 45 years has taken her page Instagram to post a sweet message to the attention of the woman he loves for over a decade. Jamel Debbouze was born on June 18, 1975 in Paris, France. About; Latest Badoo. Jamel Debbouze et sa fille Lila gros câlin en photo, Mélissa … In 2005, he had the leading role in Luc Besson's film Angel-A.